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Hoisting, Hauling, & Heavy Equipment Rentals

MCL Crane Ltd assists oil companies throughout Saskatchewan in the setup of their facilities, which includes tanks and piping. Our trained staff and top machinery is available to get the job done in an efficient, timely manner. This ensures your oilfield operations can continue running as smoothly as possible.

We specialize in a variety of other areas of oilfield services as well, including the following:

  • Lifting and Hoisting
  • Man Basket
  • Spreader Bars
  • Bobcats
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Rig Mats
  • Picker Service
  • Oil Hauling
  • Hot Shots
  • Equipment Rental

Whether you require Bobcat work on your site or need help with your recent shipment of oil, MCL Crane Ltd can do it all. To learn more and get started, contact us today.

man in crane lift